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Introduction to Cake Sparklers

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An event can never be considered colourful and eventful without a cake. A cake marks special moments such as an anniversary, a birthday or a wedding.  These moments are unforgettable and you will need a cake to achieve that. To make any of these events colourful, we throw in cake sparklers. The host will be so thrilled to receive cake sparklers on the cake and excited to see the glowing cake sparklers when about to cut the cake.  Cake sparklers are glowing sparkler showers which are smoke-free. This makes cake sparklers the best option for any type of celebration since they bring in unforgettable memories.

Cake sparklers come in different lengths (4 inches and 7 inches) shapes and numbers. They come in many colours. Could you be out to create a certain mood and impression? Choose star shaped cake sparklers or heart shaped cake sparklers to bring out the best mood. One of the most used cake sparklers are numbers and letter cake sparklers. Such cake sparklers have gained a lot of popularity because they allow people to flaunt their ages, and anniversary years making the cake more appealing.

Top Things You Must Know about Cake Sparklers

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Cake sparklers have been lately considered as one of the mandatory things on any cake meant for celebration. Cake sparklers bring in an amazing charm to the celebration, excitement and beauty to the celebration. Before purchasing the cake sparklers, learn how to light cake sparklers. Lighting a cake sparkler is not a hard task so one should not be scared to. One will just require a lighter, make contact between the cake sparklers and the lighter, and the ignition occurs. Birthday cake sparklers for instance are found in most shops which sell wedding and cake accessories. Cake sparklers are safe for use on any cake regardless of the size. Do not blow cake sparklers in an attempt to put them off, just allow the cake sparklers to go off on their own when they cake sparklers finish sparkling. Cake sparklers have an advantage they do not leave behind residue after sparkling.

Most venues will allow the use of cake sparklers since they are not as dangerous as other sparklers. However, the people at the venue especially those handling the cake sparklers and lighting them should be cautioned about the dangers that may occur if the cake sparklers are not well handled. Cake sparklers can be used on any type of cake including wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookie cakes. It is important to note that, not all cake sparklers are safe. Always get your cake sparklers from a food-grade store to avoid toxic cake sparklers.

How to be safe with cake sparklers

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Cake sparklers are considered to be the safest sparklers compared to wedding sparklers. This is because they are just handled by one or two people as compared to wedding sparklers which are handled by almost all adults at the wedding. Cake sparklers are safe if handled with caution. One of the positive aspects of cake sparklers is the fact that they do not leave behind a residue on the cake after sparkling out. However, do not leave the kids unattended with the cake sparklers to play around with them. Adults should supervise the use of cake sparklers and ensure the cake sparklers are removed from the cake when cool before the cake is served.

Always buy food-grade cake sparklers which are ashless and smokeless cake sparklers are the best options since they leave no residue on your cake. Avoid the use of cake sparklers which are not food grade cake sparklers. This is because the sparks from the cake sparklers could deposit some metal particles on the cake which when consumed are harmful. It is paramount to note that, sparks from cake sparklers are completely safe since the sparks will not burn you.

Where you can use cake sparklers

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Cake sparklers can be used on any type of cake for any type of celebration. Cake sparklers will be used on birthday cakes, anniversary cakes or wedding cakes. Cake sparklers can be used on small cakes like cupcakes and cookie cakes. However, be sure to ask the host of the event if the venue allows the use of cake sparklers. The use of the cake sparklers will determine the size, shape and colour of the cake sparklers. In addition, be keen to ensure the venue where the cake sparklers are to be used does not have flammable substances around where the sparklers are lit.

The conclusion to cake sparklers

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Cake sparklers will add that unique and special touch to your event celebration. The sparkles on the cake sparklers are very instrumental in turning around the mood and excitement in the event. The people attending will have an opportunity to add some colour and lift the mood of the event by just using cake sparklers on the cake. It creates unforgettable memories and perfect photos.  Always consider using cake sparklers when surprising a loved one and friends at any type of party or celebration you have prepared for them. The cake sparklers come in many colours, shapes and numbers depending on your preference and the theme of the event. Cake sparklers are found in most online stores and you can make your order here at

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