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Sparkler candles are candles which are lit during any type of a ceremony to signify something. In weddings sparkler candles will be used to signify celebrations. The sparkler candles will emit sparks that glitter which adds beauty. Sparkler candles bring excitement to any celebration. Wedding sparkler candles are a form of wedding entertainment. Sparkler candles can work anytime of the year and day. Wedding sparkler candles will seem like a wonder as guests wave it lighting up the night at weddings. Sparkler candles are often used to make the most romantic pictures at weddings.

 Introduction to Sparkler candles

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Before using sparklers candles, one must know the following on how to use sparkler candles, where to use sparklers candles and how to choose the right size of sparkler candles for a wedding. Firstly, find out early if the venue of the wedding allows the use of wedding sparkler candles as some areas within the venue could be restricted. Secondly, decide how you will use the wedding sparkler candles; is it on the path to exit the hallway as a send-off or will the guests light sparkler candles up and have fun walking around with sparkler candles? Wedding cake sparkler candles can also be used to light up the cake during the cutting ceremony.

In addition, when sourcing for the sparkler candles, the size, colour of the sparkler candles will come in play. The choice of wedding sparkler candles will depend on the purpose at the wedding. Long sparkler candles will be needed for a send-off on the aisle so that the couple is not rushed. For send-off sparkler candles, get longer ones which will last longer while for cake sparkler candles get shorter ones. A mix of the colours in the sparkler candles would also enhance the mood when taking photos; mix the colours to create the desired mood. Moreover, for indoor weddings, choose sparkler candles which produce less smoke. Lastly, inquire from the venue about how they ensure safety in the use of sparkler candles so that they deploy staff to take care of that and supply sand buckets to put extinguished sparkler candles. Sparkler candles come in ranges for outdoor and indoor use. Safety cannot be ignored to when using sparkler candles.

How to be Safe with Sparkler candles

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It is undisputable that wedding sparkler candles leave great unforgettable memories.  It is therefore important to observe safety tips when handling sparkler candles at a wedding so that the guests will not have accidents ruining their day. The following tips will help alleviate accidents when using sparkler candles at a wedding. Firstly, have someone in charge of everything to do with the sparkler candles. The person will restrict who handles the sparkler candles so that they are kept away from younger children. Adult supervision is needed when children will be using sparkler candles and it is recommended that you’re their children below 5 years do not use them. Secondly, give directions on how to carry sparkler candles once lit. They should be held at arm’s length and waved safely while keeping the sparkler candles away from clothes, eyes and face. Let the guests know they should keep sparkler candles away from flammable substances like alcohol. Thirdly, the best method of lighting sparkler candles should be adopted. Lastly, do not forget to dispose the sparkler candles correctly. As guest leave, the person in charge of the sparkler candles should supervise and assist in disposing the sparkler candles appropriately. Some sparkler candles can still be hot. A bucket of water or sand is placed at strategic points so that the guests are requested to put the extinguished sparkler candles in there.  

Where you can use Sparkler candles


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Wedding sparkler candles have numerous uses at weddings which can make a wedding venue a fun place to be. The use of sparkler candles in photos are stunning. Sparkler candles can be in the background of photos, you can write words and patterns with them. Sparkler candles can also be used for the send-off in place of confetti or rice. Sparkler candles will make the send-off colourful, enable you take amazing photos. Sparkler candles can also be used as the centre pieces especially at the reception. Moreover, sparkler candles will enhance the décor of placed on the tables in place of flowers. In addition, sparkler candles can be used in making the couple’s first dance where the guests surround the couple with lit sparkler candles or the couple holding the sparkler candles themselves during their dance.

Sparkler candles can also be used as the bride enters the venue before the vows and afterwards during their first kiss where the guests light the sparkler candles and wave in the air to celebrate it. Lastly, sparkler candles can also be used on a cake which excellently crowns the cake-cutting ceremony. Lighting sparkler candles can also accompany the popping of champagne in the cake-cutting ceremony. Sparkling candles bring the ‘wow effect’ leaving the couple and guests in awe.

The conclusion to Sparkler candles

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No matter how you plan to use sparkler candles, it is important to have a wealth of information how to use sparkler candles. To a newbie in the wedding décor industry, use of sparkler candles is inevitable; this article provides all the information you need about wedding sparkler candles. Sparkler candles have become a new addition to décor in almost all events where one wants to leave memories. Sparkler candles’ use has not been common in the past but it has intensified in the past ten years all over the world. It is important to understand the types and sizes of sparkler candles. In addition to know where and when to use sparkler candles appropriately.

 Sparkler candles can also be used in diverse ways for wedding décor and making the event fun. The impact and memories sparkler candles leave and create are beyond imaginations. Always make your wedding memorable by making a great decision to incorporate wedding sparkler candles in it. As much as the use of sparkler candles can be phenomenal, a lot of caution must be exercised while using sparkler candles.  Safety is paramount while using sparkler candles so as to take care of the guests and safeguard the venue against any danger sparkler candles may pose. Try using sparkler candles in all sessions of your wedding and see the glamour sparkler candles bring. Use of sparkler candles is a great thing for all wedding planners and photographers to employ which will guarantee them future clients

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