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Indoor sparklers emit colourful sparks and flames without producing as much smoke and fumes as outdoor sparklers. Indoor sparklers can be used in enclosed places although caution should be exercised as they burn at very high temperatures. Indoor sparklers are made up of a binder, oxidizer and fuel which are ignited once lit. The binder is on one end and the other end is for handling it. Different colour themes are given out by the metal type used. For instance, sodium metal gives yellow flames, barium gives green flames, calcium an orange flame, copper produces a blue flame, lithium and strontium a red flame. Indoor sparklers are also used for various indoor events such as weddings because they produce less smoke. Cake sparklers are also in the category of indoor sparklers and ice fountains.


Introduction to Indoor Sparklers

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We can all agree that adding indoor sparklers can bring the party to life. Indoor sparklers can be used for birthdays, get togethers, housewarming parties, anniversaries and wedding celebrations. Indoor sparklers add such a beautifully vibe and add memories that we will cherish for a long time. Indoor sparklers create a good ambience for the event and the attendees especially those fond of taking pictures to mark the ceremony. Indoor sparklers are relatively smaller in size than outdoor sparklers. Indoor sparklers can be hand-held and non hand held. Non hand held are ice fountains and cake sparklers. Indoor sparklers come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Indoor sparklers are so versatile they can be use for all types of events.  that they are used in different events to perfectly fit the theme of the function. 


How to be Safe with Indoor Sparklers

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Indoor sparklers are known to be the safest sparklers and they produce less smoke. Consequently, they can be used in spaces which may be congested and not well ventilated. However, one should use indoor sparklers in such spaces with a lot of caution. Always keep alcohol drinks away when the indoor sparklers are lit to avoid any accidents. Read the instructions on the item before use. Do not throw the indoor sparklers away once the moment of celebration is done as they still remain hot. A metal bucket should be provided to discard used indoor sparklers. There should be one specific person in charge of handling the indoor sparklers. This person gives direction on how to and when to light the indoor sparklers. Also how to handle them and how to dispose of them correctly.


Where You Can Use Indoor Sparklers

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Indoor sparklers are perfect for champagne service or VIP service at nightclubs, bars and restaurants. When an ice fountain is lit it produces a stunning jet of gold sparkles that will light up the room. They will transform any celebration/event and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. 

Indoor sparklers will make birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events extra-special. Perfect for photography and videography to capture that special moment. Great as an alternative to traditional birthday candles and will make the celebration cake the centre of attention. Ice fountains are safe to use on food as they have food grade plastic tips (included). Cake sparklers are food safe too. They came in various shapes, numbers, alphabets and colours. Indoor sparklers add beauty to the food and enhance creativity in the function.


Conclusion on Indoor Sparklers


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Indoor sparklers light up the celebrations to a degree the host cannot imagine. Indoor sparklers are a great addition to the ambience of an event since they come in different shapes and fit for any celebration theme. Cake sparklers which are classified as indoor sparklers are perfect for events that involve cake cutting. Make sure that they are food safe. Indoor sparklers can be customized to fit any type of Tags and can also be added to them to pass a message to the host and the guests too. They also come in various colours, sizes and shapes to fit your taste and the theme of the event. Indoor sparklers also come in alphabets hence they can be arranged to spell out words and communicate the desired message to the audience. Also indoor sparklers come in numbers too so they can be arranged to show a specific age. Light up your events and bring life to them using any type of indoor sparklers. Indoor sparklers are available on our website

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