Sparklers for Wedding

No celebrations shall go without sparkles! Sparkles are essentially colourful additions that make the parties merrier, particularly when the parties are using outdoor settings. Imagine how is it like to nurture our childhood memories by watching colourful ribbons flying in the sky. Of course, the scenario will look so beautiful, especially for wedding scenes.


Coloured flares or confetti are just some parts of sparklers for wedding that we can choose from. Their bursting appearances will last longer when we pair them with the correct accessories and lighters. Crackling balls, flash pellets, and saucers are some of the accessories that you can consider.


After these whole things, you may wonder, why are sparklers becoming important? What can we get for the sparklers apart from the fireworks effects? What are things I should do so I can get them? Here, we will guide you on all about sparklers for wedding. Later on, you can also study the ideal price ranges for buying sparklers for your wedding ceremony.


Why have sparklers for wedding become a crucial matter?

Sparklers for wedding add to the aesthetically feel of the wedding occasions. It doesn’t only make the outdoor parts of the house merrier. We can also use sparklers in indoor settings with the correct wedding cakes.


Celebrating wedding is not only a memorable occasion. The bride, the groom, and their families invest so much of their time, money, and energy into this once-for-lifetime celebration. We don’t want our investments to get wasted, and we want to keep our audiences entertained. 


Sparklers don’t only have lively colour combinations. Instead, their special effects come with loud music and sound effects, too. These two lively assets that wedding sparklers have meant these wedding party accessories can leave great impressions on the bride, groom, families, and audiences. That way, they become one of the most crucial matters to think about.


Factors to consider when choosing the best sparklers for wedding

Choosing the best sparklers for wedding involves considering several factors. The sparklers’ placements around the venues, the colours, and other supporting accessories like the lighters and the buckets, are some factors we need to consider. 


In addition, we should also think about how many sparklers we need and how can we re-light the sparklers. More specifically, here are the full checklist of things for your wedding sparklers:


  1. The sparklers’ placements

Some sparklers are great for outdoor settings. Smoke bombs and flares are the most frequent accessories to pair with sparklers in outdoor settings. Some other sparklers boom directly on top of the wedding cake surfaces.


Wedding cake sparklers can give dramatic effects when the groom and the bride also have the sword to cut the cake. Even if there is no sword involved in the scene, wedding cake sparklers can also give everlasting burst effects that give the wedding cake a unique touch.


  1. The frequencies for the sparklers

“How long” and “how many” are the two questions we should answer in terms of the sparklers’ frequencies: How many sparklers will we light in the wedding ceremony? How long will the wedding sparklers last?


50 sparklers in one lighting time are the most economical answer to the “how many” question. Nonetheless, the 50 amounts are often not enough, particularly when the outdoor venues are large enough to accommodate hundreds or thousands of guests. So, there are usually 100-200 sparklers in outdoor settings. As for the wedding cake, we only need one sparkler.


These whole sparklers typically last 60 minutes. So, this part is the answer to the “how long” question. However, we can also opt for 30-minutes sparklers with equally good colour combinations.


  1. Colour combinations

The colours for sparklers for wedding don’t always need to revolve around gold, yellow, and other similar colour shades. Rose gold is the current colour trend for wedding sparklers, and people usually match the colour with the usual silver or gold to create a luxurious ambiance in the wedding venue.


Then, again, people would typically mix three colour combinations. For many people, three is the trinity symbol that means both balance and perfection for the newly-married life between two couples. You can even mix green, hot pink, and blue, or purple, yellow, and orange – it’s up to you, as long as you have three combinations.


  1. Other supporting accessories

Sparklers emit the colours and sound effects in the ways we’ve witnessed because their supporting accessories match one another. A lighter is one of the primary supporting accessories that make sparklers stay longer.


We know two different lighters that can light up sparklers: The jumbo lighter and the port fire lighter. When we purchase sparklers for weddings, we usually get one jumbo lighter and some of the smaller port fire versions. 


The port fires can’t light up sparklers by themselves, instead, the single jumbo lighter should be their source of sparkling powers. There are usually three port fires for every 50 wedding sparklers in one package.


Ideally, sparklers for weddings also include a medium-to-large-sized bucket. The bucket functions as our means to dispose of sparklers safely. So, we need solid bases to cover the bucket, such as sand or water.


How much does it cost to purchase sparklers for the wedding?

Apart from the amounts of sparklers in one package, different brands also mean different price ranges. 


For instance, Trafalgar Group’s price ranges are generally more expensive than Absolute. Both brands may have the same number of sparklers, which is 50 per package. Nonetheless, Trafalgar Group’s price for 50 sparklers is GBP16.99, which is more expensive than Absolute’s GBP7.99.


Today, many people prefer to purchase their sparklers online due to the safety concerns of buying them offline. Online retailers usually impose delivery services, and they typically divide their services into Standard and Express shipments. Free shipments are not always available unless we meet minimum purchases.


Some cautions about sparklers

Sparklers are strictly adult-only party accessories. It means adults should supervise children under 18 when they are near the sparklers. Only adults can receive sparklers shipments, and they should show their ID card when they receive the package. Otherwise, the shipment company will return the package to the warehouse.

Sparklers for wedding