RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS DAY - February 17, 2023


One can never go wrong with kindness, and there can never be too much of it. The idea behind Random Act of Kindness Day is to cultivate feelings of kindness and brighten up someone’s day. Every small act of kindness is significant. It may seem like it doesn’t accomplish much but, just like the domino effect, one act of kindness can lead to more positive outcomes. Don’t hold back from uplifting others with compliments and compassion on this day. 

Random Acts of Kindness Day was initiated in 1995 in Denver, Colorado by a nonprofit organisation called The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation. The event spread to New Zealand nine years later, in 2004, and the observance of the holiday became more and more widespread. 

Random Acts of Kindness Day may not have been around for a very long time, but kindness has existed throughout human history. There are great examples of prominent figures in history who have made an impact through their selfless acts of kindness — Princess Diana, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa, to name a few. Various studies have also proved that kindness is undoubtedly an inherent part of nature, with feelings of care developing in humans while they’re still babies. 


  1. Compliment a stranger

    The best things in life are free and complimenting someone will cost you absolutely nothing. If you find yourself in an elevator with someone or if you cross paths with someone on the street, say something special to them. It could be as simple as “You look nice today.” That’s it… (Pro Tip: avoid complimenting someone when they're with their spouse, though. It could get weird pretty fast.)

  2. Treat a homeless person to lunch

    Paying it forward is something we strongly believe in and what better way to do that than by sharing a meal with someone? We’re not saying that you have to buy a filet mignon steak or a five-course meal for someone. But how bad would it hurt your pockets to grab a $5 foot-long for a person in need?

  3. Anonymously donate to a charity

    There are thousands of charities and nonprofit organisations out there that can do with some financial help and, lucky for us, most of them make it really easy for us to donate online anonymously. You don't have to donate tons of money — even a few dollars can make a difference.

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