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Fireworks consist of low-level explosive materials that are used for entertainment purposes. People enjoy using them on certain occasions. Fireworks produce some noise, light, and smoke. Fireworks are designed in such a way that they make beautiful flames and sparks with different combinations of colours. Besides this, since fireworks are filled with combustible material, they might be set to fire if they are not used properly. So while using them, one must be careful.

They may prove very dangerous for children as well as for adults if they are not handled properly. On one side, it amuses all people who use them, but on the other, they are full of danger. They may burn people, and many other problems can occur due to fireworks. Only those who are using them don't need to follow safety instructions. Other people who use them, purchase them, or stand near a firework should take care.

Here in this article, we will describe some types of fireworks and safety tips for using fireworks.

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Types of Firework

Firework has four categories. To remain safer while enjoying fireworks, you must choose the correct category. Following are the types.

F1 fireworks

F1 category can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are less dangerous and can be used safely while staying at a distance of one meter only from them. The noise created by this type of category is very low and can be neglected. They can be purchased publically.

F2 fireworks

Fireworks placed in the F2 category can be used for outdoor purposes only. They should be used at a distance of 8 meters and available in public to purchase.

F3 fireworks

F3 category fireworks are used outdoors in open spaces only and should operate at a distance of 25 meters at least. They contain medium hazardous material, and their noise level is not too dangerous for human health.

F4 fireworks

Fireworks included in the F4 category are used for professional or industrial purposes. This category consists of a broad range of fireworks. They are very dangerous and are not available publicly. One should never use them without getting any proper training. Otherwise, it may prove hazardous for life.

Since any pack of fireworks of any category contains some guidelines and instructions written on the boxes of fireworks, so you should read those instructions and guidelines before using any type of fireworks. This thing may prove helpful for you while using fireworks.

How to use sparklers safely:

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People use sparklers on occasions like bonfires, funfairs, and others like that. At the same time, while enjoying sparklers, one should be fully aware of how to use sparklers safely. 

We are going to discuss some of the crucial guidelines here.

Stick a sparkler into a carrot for kids:

Since Sparklers contain excessive heat, they can burn children's hands, so to avoid this, you should stick your sparkler into a carrot instead of using them directly.

Keep sparklers away from other fireworks:

You should never keep sparklers together with other fireworks. Keeping together may cause an explosion. So sparklers should keep away from other fireworks.

Never Use Sparkler indoors:

Sparklers produce hot sparks. If sparklers are used in limited spaces, these hot sparks may cause a fire while coming in contact with different things. Sparklers create smoke that is dangerous to human health. So sparklers must be used in open spaces.

Always supervise your children:

Never let your children alone when they are using fireworks or sparklers. If no one supervises them, they can burn themselves by touching the hot metal.

Always use one sparkler at a time:

You should never light more than one sparkler at a time. If more than one sparkler is used at a time, it may create a lot of heat that may prove dangerous and cause damage to your skin.

Light sparklers from a distance:

You should light sparklers from arm’s length distance at least. Never stay too close to the sparkler. Because when you lit the sparkler creates sparks that can burn you.

Wear protective eyewear:

During fireworks, the most common issue that occurs is eye injuries. So, protect your eyes by wearing protective eyewear.

Fireworks safety tips:

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You should always purchase fireworks legally. Here the point is how you can check whether the fireworks that you are purchasing are legal or not. If fireworks are labelled with the manufacturer’s name and directions, they will be legal; otherwise, they are illegal. You must follow some safety tips while using fireworks.

Be careful about the weather when lighting fireworks. You should cancel or postpone your firework event if the weather is windy because, in windy weather, there are more chances of getting fire.

You should keep fireworks away from flammable materials. While using fireworks, you must possess at least one bucket of sand and also try to keep some water with you. These things may prove helpful in case of emergency.

After a fireworks event, you should never allow your children to take up pieces of fireworks. Some of them may catch fire, and this can put you in some serious problems. You should first keep used fireworks in a water bucket and soak them before throwing them into the dustbin.

You must also take care of animals while using fireworks. Animals are sensitive and get scared by the loud noise created by fireworks. Try to keep them away from these things.

If an injury occurs

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You should immediately go to a hospital if children get injured by fireworks.

In case of eye injury, you should never let your children rub or touch their eyes because, in this way, the situation can become more severe, ultimately damaging the eyes of the victim. You must take first aid and try to reach the hospital instantly for further treatment. Delays in the medication can worsen the situation.

If fireworks burn your child, you should remove clothes from the burned area and take your child to the hospital.

Last but not least, being a little bit conscious while using fireworks will not only add charm to your event but also save you from any kind of inconvenience.

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