Sparklers For Sale

Sparklers For Sale

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If you're looking for something to make your next event even more special, why not add some sparklers? We've got a great range of sparklers for sale, perfect for everything from birthday parties to weddings.

Our sparklers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional wedding sparkler or something a little more special, we have just what you need.

Buy sparklers online Near Me at a great price

When it comes to celebrations, nothing beats a good sparkler. They’re beautiful, festive and affordable – what more could you want? And while they may be known for their outrageous displays in weddings and other special occasions, sparklers can also add some fun to any party or event.

Here are four tips on how to create delightful yet affordable moments with our sparklers:


  • Choose your location wisely - Sparklers are perfect for outdoor parties where the weather is warm enough to enjoy them without fear of fire hazards. However, make sure that the area you choose is safe from windblown sparks; if not, use ground stakes or wire mesh fencing instead of using candles or torches.
  • Plan ahead - If you're planning an indoor celebration with sparklers, start by stocking up on disposable containers and pre-made mixes (available online). You'll also need plenty of replacement wicks for each container - buy them in bulk so that there's never a shortage when someone burns out their favorite sparkler recipe!
  • Keep things simple - When choosing your decorations for an indoor celebration with Sparklers, go with items that will easily wash off if something spills onto them (e.g., streamers rather than garland made from delicate flowers).
  • And finally… Have fun! Whether you're hosting the party yourself or inviting friends over to help out and have lots of laughs and enjoy every moment!


AddColours: Most Credible Sparklers Seller Online!

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We are one of the most trusted sparklers businesses online, and what sets us apart are our quality products and on-time delivery. Whether you are looking for a pair of black sparklers to brighten up your next birthday or want a gold touch in your wedding, we got you covered.

With your shipment arriving within one week of order placement, you won't miss out on any event! We have a massive variety of sparklers ranging from 10" to 36" with a high longevity rate, including wedding sparklers, cake sparklers, etc.

You can also benefit from our exclusive "sparklers for sale" offer or get a "special wedding deal," sounds perfect, no?

Let's Create Delightful yet Affordable Moments

Bringing some flare and magic to your event is mandatory so that you can have a fun-filled and memorable time. AddColours make this possible for you by providing you with perfect sparklers.

Our highly proficient team guides you towards top-notch quality products that suit your budget. Here are the things you can expect while dealing with us:

Keep Up with Budget: Planning and executing an event isn't a piece of cake. Sometimes you run out of budget, or the expenses get too much. However, you don't have to worry about these things with AddColours.

We go with your budget and help you select the best sparklers or any other party product. We also give our sparklers for sale, or you can expect a little gift with your purchase. What's the best part? If you buy online and have an order above £75, no shipping charges will apply!

Collect Beautiful Memories: Everyone loves capturing pictures of beautiful moments, and beautiful moments captured in front of a beautiful background sounds fascinating. That's where we help you! We provide our customers with excellent party supplies, specifically sparklers that give a magical touch to your memories.

Why Choose AddColours as Your Wedding or Party Sparklers Supplier?

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We offer quality products within your budget to get the best out of your event. Here's what sets us apart:


  • Best Prices: Not only are our products of high quality but also very competitively priced. We offer different discount offers to our customers, and if you place an order now, you can expect a flat 30% discount on all products. Besides, free delivery on every £75 or above is a treat for the customers!


  • On-Time Delivery: We understand the importance of time and try to deliver the orders as quickly as possible. We take 3 to 5 business days for standard orders, and for express orders, you can expect the shipment within 1 to 3 days. However, ensure that you place your order before 12 PM as the orders after that get posted the next day.


  • Friendly Experience: Our customer service tries its best to understand and meet the customers' demands. If you are placing your order online, you shouldn't worry about any technical mistakes, as our team is always one call away and ready to help you!


Best Sparklers in UK - Perfect for Any Celebration:

Whether you want a few sparklers for a quick party event or looking to receive a bulky order, we have got everything for you. You can find sparklers of every colour, highlight, and size at our store. It's our priority to offer customers what they are looking for. Don't know precisely what we have? Let's get into the details! 


  • 10-Inch Sparklers: These don't last much but indeed bring a unique touch to your events. Whether you are having a cake-cutting ceremony or a family dinner, use these 10-inch sparklers to have the most fun 60 seconds of your life.


  • 16-Inch Sparklers: Don't have a wire hanger or a special hanging place for the sparklers? Don't worry, as these 16-inch sparklers are free of such hassle. Their lasting time is around 80 seconds, and they are available in multiple colours. Buy these now from us and enjoy a 30% discount.


  • 18-Inch Sparklers: Last but not least are these long-lasting 18-inch sparklers from us. Available in various colours, they last for around 2 minutes and make your wedding, birthday, or any other event special. They can be a bit costly but worth the money. We also offer sparklers for sale so that you can save some money on every purchase!


Key Takeaway:

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So there you have it. If you're looking for some amazing fireworks or sparklers that won't set your anything on fire, then is the place for you. We carry everything from sparklers for every occasion, including indoor sparklers, outdoor sparklers, wedding sparklers, candle sparklers, and number sparklers. We've got them all in stock so you can get your celebrations started right away!

Sparklers for sale